Heaven's Sweetness Bright Gold Dust 2oz.


We are so happy to now offer our own Heaven's Sweetness Bright gold dust.

You can use our dust on all your confections as a decorative ingredient. 

Our dust can be dry brushed or mixed with quick dry essence or lemon extract for a paint consistency. 

Please note that our bright gold dust can only be used as DECORATIVE. We comply with FDA and cannot sell or label our dust as edible. Please know that Heaven's Sweetness bright Gold is non-toxic, non-edible. It can only be used as DECORATION

This item it's sold by weight not size. 

2oz. net weight


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Dear all,

since 18th of September, my order is blocked In Transit at Zürich, Switzerland !!!
Please check what’s going wrong, I’m still waiting for the delivery.


Kind regards

Susanne Reuser

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